Mothers usually spend most of their time inside the house, but their activities differ based how they prefer to spend their time.

Some Moms occupy their time by simply being a full time mom. By this I mean that she does the duty of a typical mom and almost all of the responsibility inside the house. This is possible because a typical mom controls his own time without being bothered by anything that might consume his valuable moment to spend with the family. And of course, the implication of this adequacy in time spent with the family is an improved family relationship, by which you could be able to monitor almost all of the updates in the lives of the family members, and hence, the attitude of everyone inside the family could be improved specially the children. And also, with greater time spent with the family, greater care is given to the family members and the higher comfort that they would feel because no other person can give a better comfort than a mother, right? But being a stay at home mom also has its consequences, one of which is that no profit would be gained by the mother which means that no financial support could be given to the family aside from that which is derived from the father’s wages.

Another type of mom could be known as WAHM or the work at home mom. They are the ones who take the risk of doubling their efforts for an additional profit to support the needs of the family; they are the ones that prefer to support their families by choosing to work inside their home, these works which I am referring to could be freelance working. And these types of mothers are the ones that I look up to the most because although there time is divided between work and the family, they still manage to maintain a good relationship between their families and to serve them at her best. It is indeed tiresome to manage the time spent with the people you love and the time spent in work, but still they have the strength within themselves to serve their family with an engraved smile on their faces and a loving heart.


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