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December 17, 2011

This Blog has been MOVED to

Hello All, I recently bought a new domain for my blog.

I transferred everything to the new blog – Go there for current content from now on.

Thank you!!!

October 26, 2011

When Boredom Strikes

For a working mom at home, balancing my time between nurturing my family and attending my career responsibilities is not an easy task to do. Well, take it from me since I’ve been in the industry for relatively long years.

There are stuffs that I need to do personally like unwinding yet I just cannot because of some responsibilities at home. I miss going out with my friends, I want to go watch movie just like any other woman or go shopping and have fun with friends. I miss my life in the outside world yet I do not have pretty much choice but to stay at home with my family. These kinds of stuffs are fairly omitted when you get the option of being a work at home mom.

I have been into sales before I became a mother and started working online. Sometimes, I just could not help it but miss the daily grind of corporate life, the everyday commute to work, the traffic, meeting colleagues and clients and interacting with different kinds of people as well.

However, in life there are always twofold in every situation there are good and bad, intelligent and dumb, right and left, and up and down etc. You just need to go with the flow and make your life easier by learning how to balance it properly.

One advantage of venturing a working career is you get to spend a lot of time with your love ones particularly if you have a toddler at home. It is something that all working parents with over demanding schedules would really want to experience yet they cannot possibly do that.

However, working at home means missing your life in the outside since you get to spend your entire time working and tending your family. In short, you don’t have any time for yourself. And life is dull if all you got to interact with are online friends – Facebook buddies, Skype and Yahoo contacts, LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers.

In conclusion, there is always a certain part of me that misses the outside life. I am just a human, I may sometimes feel occasional boredom but this is life. Life is not that easy so we need to generate a certain system to survive. What matters most is we know how to cope up with boredom and loneliness and move on!

September 24, 2011

Tips: Starting Your WAHM Career

Being a WAHM or working at home mom is a very tough decision for every mom who chooses this career. The mere fact that you are to balance your work schedules and at the same time attend to the needs of your kids can be disheartening to say. But with a little touch of creative ideas and comprehensive planning, it is still possible to get your work done while doing your responsibilities as a mother to your kids. So how could that be? Get some tips below to help you start your work at home mom career.

  • Work out some goals and stick to it. As much as possible write those goals on a board and put them to places where you can sight them easily. Writing down your goals enable you to stay focus and concentrate on the track which you should take to get your business wherever you may want it to be.
  • Be systematic. If you are a mother then probably your time circles around your kids and the needs of your family. Or perhaps you are a member of an active group in your community. Everybody is busy and because of that being systematic can help you finish your work smoothly. Do your task one at a time.
  • Stay focused. When you are on the right track things get done effectively. It’s quite annoying whenever you are about to start your blog post and your kids are starting to fool around your workplace. Set a time schedule of when can you give the best of your time for your business. Interruptions are inevitable especially when your working with your kids around.

For all working at home mom out there who are still finding some adjustments to their new career, set some goals, be systematic and stay focused! Working at home is all about you – finding your perfect time, perfect place and perfect way to adjust your time between your family, your own interest and your work. When you have that adjustment, you can say that you made the right decision to become a work at home mom.

August 17, 2011

How To Work From Home.. with your kids?

Working from home is not easy as 1-2-3. Working home based mothers may have the impression that working from home is nothing but heaven. Adjustable working schedule. Having more time with your little angels. And being the boss of your own job. Isn’t that great? Well definitely yes, those are just some of the advantages of having your work home based however there are also disadvantages when working at home. It is necessary to know those disadvantages and to have the knowledge of time management tips for you to succeed in your home based job.

Often times working home based mothers find it hard to schedule their time for work and their time for their family. Normally in an office work, you will leave your work in your office then come home to your family then come back to your office again. Unfortunately, when working from home, oftentimes your time focuses into your family instead of your job (be reminded that this is your reason of having the job in the first place). So to solve that issue, you have to make a working schedule and then stick to it. Be strict of your working time. If you are a perfectionist when it comes to your job then it requires some discipline in this kind of issue.

Working while checking on your kids is a tough job, really, it is! Getting some help from your family, trustworthy friend, relative or getting a babysitter who can watch your child while your finishing your tasks is the right thing to do. Or you may also look for some other mother in the next door of your house who would want to look after the kids.

Keep your little ones busy to avoid distractions. Turn your phones to silent mode, disable your facebook and twitter notifications. Discipline yourself and optimize your time if you want to focus to your work.

Working at home gives us, mothers, the opportunity to watch over our children while earning with our online jobs. It also allows us to set our own hours and be available whenever our family needs us. It does not necessarily require us to work for 8 hours a day following a strict schedule. Furthermore you don’t have to seek for the permission of a boss because in this kind of job you are the boss of your own! So therefore you can do the job any time you want. Just be flexible at all cost!

It is also important that you maintain a normal balance of work time and family time. Get a life outside the internet. Going out with your friends could be a big help. It is not a good idea to deprive yourself of socialization as well.

* The second pix is mine. I managed to work while my kid is asleep. I placed my laptop somewhere near my child so I could watch over him all the time.

I chose to be a SAHM or stay-at-home-mom to be able to raise my child my own way. Never realized how hard it could be especially with organization and being systematic on all aspects of being a SAHM and WAHM (work-at-home-mom).

Indeed working from home together with your kids around is obviously a big challenge. However that is one of the main reasons why we prefer to work at home with our kids – to earn extra income without compromising the quality time with our kids. You have to devote your time to learn how it’s being done. You have to work hard, do some research and study it. It’s not about being lucky. It’s all about the passion and the willingness to be one.












August 4, 2011

Infographic: Working vs. Stay-at-Home Moms

Would you rather be a working mom or a stay at home mom (SAHM)? Well, as for me, I can do BOTH! I can work and stay at home with my kid. The best deal ever isn’t it?

*infographic from circleofmoms